Tuesday, February 4, 2014


There's nothing better than coming back to your classroom after a couple of days and being greeted by friendly smiles and hugs. All the students had brought something that they were so excited to show and share with me. One boy brought a collection of cars, another brought some rocks, and one other wore his grandpa's belt buckle.

Two little girls were hastily working with some red construction paper that they trying very hard to keep obscured from me. They were busy giggling, cutting, and talking together while taking quick glances at the other student teacher and me. After a couple of minutes, I was tapped on my shoulder and presented a red heart that read, "Dear Miss Nickles you are my valentine hope you don't feel a pine."I read and reread the message over and over again trying to make comprehension of it, but it wasn't making sense. Finally, my friend told me that they were trying to rhyme.


  1. Yes, that would be the beginnings of poetry. Enjoy! At least they didn't use "wine"...not sure why they didn't go for the "mine" - not as original I suspect!

    1. BTW: Your comment box is small and it is hard to see the CAPTCHA to type in. Is it possible for you to go into your design layout and expand your post area and make the sidebar narrower? It would be a big help to your readers!

  2. Cute moment! Besides the Valentine, I love the images of the boys with their cars and rocks and esp the one wearing Grandpa's belt buckle!

  3. wow, that is awesome. But wait kids these days are not even asking for valentines? They are just telling? LOL very funny!... p.s hope you don't feel a pine.

  4. Haha, that is too cute! All the kindergarteners are really getting into Valentines Day right now, too and I have received a few comical Valentines as well!

  5. That is adorable. I also got a Valentines card today, it wasn't hand made but it was very sweet of the student to do. It was very interesting to see how they spell my name. Instead of Miss McCabe, I was Mrs. Cade for that Valentine.