Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Living day by day

I've been struggling with living in the present right now for all my thoughts are based in the future.

Where will I be teaching?
Should I move?
Am I ready?
Where should I apply?
How do I set myself apart from other candidates?
What do I even want?

These are all questions that fill and take over my day. Instead I should be enjoying my last two terms in college and have faith that whatever is going to happen is meant to be, but I can't stop stressing and obsessing over it. It's crazy knowing that in as little as four months I could be living somewhere else and about to begin my first year in my career. There are just so many options and I'm not sure how do to decide what I truly want and what is best for me.


  1. Whatever you decide, you will do great. Any place you go will be lucky to have you. It has been a great couple terms and I'm very excited for you!

  2. Try to live in the moment, appreciate the present. It's hard, especially when you're the verge of such a huge life change. My mom always says, "We are where we are meant to be." :)

  3. I know it is stressing to think about those things.